King Rohan

Copyright--Claire Fuller

Copyright–Claire Fuller


Gilderwick, the most powerful warlock, controlled all that was evil which included Smollar his most dangerous dragon.

King Rohan the Good vowed to rid the kingdom of evil.

Finding Smollar asleep at the cave’s entrance, Rohan shot one of two arrows blessed by the gods, and pierced the monster’s heart, killing it instantly.

Gilderwick appeared, and Rohan’s last arrow hit its mark. With his dying breath he cast a spell on Rohan.

“By the next rising of the sun, you will neither be alive nor dead, but you shall remain encased in stone until evil is no more.”

Pappa Bovine

            “Mamma, where’s Papa? He’s been gone such a long time! My brother is nearly as old as Papa was the last time I saw him.”

            “I really don’t know, daughter. Sire acted as though he was bull of the woods when he jumped the fence into the south pasture to chase those young heifers, but he was much too slow to catch any of them.”

            As dam and daughter leisurely walked the southern fence-line, Mamma spied the remnants of Sire. With dreamy and tear-filled eyes, she ignored the sight.

            “Your papa was quite the jumper in his day.”


First Friday Fictoneer

“May I open my eyes Buford? I’m shivering in my shoes and wondering, why you want me to keep my eyes closed this time?”
“Not yet May Belle, I’ll tell you when.”
After exiting the car, Buford led his wife down a rocky narrow path overgrown with thorny vegetation.
“You can open your eyes now.”
“What’s this?”
Buford took a couple of steps forward and spread his arms wide.
“This will be our new domicile, once it receives a few repairs. What do you think May Belle? May Belle? Why are you lying on the ground in a fetal position?”